supernatural icon challenge

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supernatural icon challenge

Welcome to spn_ch, a graphic contest community about the hit tv show SUPERNATURAL! Every weeks some pictures will be provided and participants will have to make icons out of them. Have fun!

1. You must be a member to submit icons.
2. Do not post your icon anywhere before the winners are announced. Your icons must remain anonymous during the voting stage, otherwise that'd be cheating.
3. Don't vote for yourself, and don't ask others to vote for you.
4. Icons must fit to Livejournal's icon size standards! 100x100 pixels and 40kb
5. Please don't take any of the contest icons without the creator's permission.
6. Upload your icons on a hosting site like "tinypic" and post them in a comment to the challenge post with both the image and the URL.
7. All entries must be posted as a reply to the challenge post along with the url of the icon. Like this:


1. Monday - Winners are declared, new challenge is posted.
2. Friday - Icons are due
3. Saturday / Sunday - Voting

marty_paige - Maintainer/Mod
clubinthesky - Maintainer/Mod

Any question, remark, or suggestion, feel free to contact me at marty_paige91@msn.com or comment on any entry at my personal journal marty_paige! ;)

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